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Goals And Resolutions For The Year Ahead – Oh Yeah, That Really Work!

Do I dare? Should I even consider making resolutions or goals for the 2011 year?

3 Easy Goal-Setting Steps

Yes, we have once again reached that time of year when each and every self-development guru encourages you to set your goals and checks weekly to see if you have already done so. I want to do something different. I leave the decision to set your goals this year or not, entirely up to you. Although, you surely do understand that all those wise self-development people might have a reason for urging you, right?

It’s a New Year! Now What?

Do you hear it? That’s the sound of millions of people scribbling their New Year’s resolutions on scraps of paper. Want to do it differently and make 2011 one of the best years of your life? Embrace the idea that to change your life, you have to change your attitude about change. To make the life change that started as a resolution become a part of your life, the steps you’ll take will be a journey, not a jaunt.

How To Start Your Financial Life Off Right In 2011

A new year is on its way and like many people, we all want to have a better year in terms of health, happiness and of course financially. The effects of the recession are still here and everyone is feeling the pinch. Unfortunately, many more people will be worse off by the end of this year than they were 12 months ago and one of the reasons why this is the case may be that they didn’t start off the year right.

The True Definition of Purpose

What is your purpose in life? You need to find a purpose. You’d better find something to do with your life or else. Why are you even here? What are you good for? These are some of the common questions and statements you ask yourself or that others ask you regarding what you are planning to do with your life. In many instances though, individuals do not understand the true definition of purpose. To most people this is just an overused term that gets thrown around when trying to tell others what they ought to be doing with their lives.

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