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10 Ways YOU Can Make MONEY Online in 2024 (HOW TO START NOW)


How To Successfully Manage and Achieve Multiple Goals

While it’s admirable to set multiple goals for yourself, oftentimes, we find ourselves overwhelmed with too many goals. What do you do when you’ve set too many goals for yourself? Here’s a quick and easy way to achieve multiple goals.

Do Your Goals Have Emotion and Inspiration?

When setting goals it is vitally important to have goals that are inspirational and emotional. If you don’t have these aspects in your goals you won’t have the passion needed to do the hard slog that is sometimes required to achieve a goal.

Goal Setting and Strategic Planning Part I

It’s time to raise the level of your thinking by shifting your mind from, “New Year’s Resolutions” to “Life’s Mission and Meaning.” The only one that can stop you from pursuing your goals is YOU! You are the master of your own destiny. You are the captain of your ship.

Goals Setting – How to Set Long Term Goals

Goals setting helps you to achieve succes and happiness in your life. This article looks at the fundamentals of long term goal setting, and how to do it effectively.

Dreaming The Future: What’s Holding You Back?

In Aikido we use an exercise to physically distinguish between three kinds of power — power that is rigid and controlling, power that’s limp and ineffectual, and power that flows. Verbally and emotionally we act out these three forms of power when we attack (“I can’t believe you’re late again!”), manipulate or acquiesce (“I guess I’ll just have to put up with you being the way you are.”), or speak with purpose and positive intent (“In the future, I’d appreciate your calling when you know you’re going to be late.”). Students find this Aikido exercise has applications beyond language, from leadership and parenting styles to how they execute their golf swing.

How to Start YouTube Automation 2023 (STEP BY STEP) NO FACE! NO CAMERA! & Make MONEY!

How to Start YouTube Automation 2024 (STEP BY STEP) NO FACE! NO CAMERA! & Make MONEY!


What’s Your Excuse for Not Achieving Your Goals?

It’s about that time of the year where all our best laid resolutions begin to waver. Yes it’s only been a mere week and a half into the new year, but the old voices of yesteryear  still echo in our minds.

My New Year’s Plan

I don’t know about you, but I made a small but very specific list of things I want to accomplish in this year, 2011. One is that I quite determined to make my first business trip overseas, even if I lose money on the deal. That one is very important to me as it would represent a really big milestone for me. You see, and no, I don’t expect this to be particularly interesting to you the reader, what I would like to do at this stage in my life is become an international trader in goods.

Tips for Setting Goals for the New Year

As it’s a brand shiny new year you have more than likely considered your goals or reviewed them and are all set to make great strides in the coming weeks. Alternatively you might feel a bit stuck or are wondering if this goal setting lark is actually getting you nearer your dream life? Well don’t worry, let’s take a look at some tips that can help you choose the right goals for you, stick to them and get the new year rolling with a big bang!

New Years Resolution: 5 Steps To Write A Motivating News Years Resolution

A New Years Resolution is a way for a person to break off his existing bad habits and start afresh with new goals and a newfound commitment. In this detailed and clear guide, a person can write a motivating resolution in 5 simple steps.

My Top New Years Resolution and the Secret I Discovered

My Top New Year’s Resolution solved a puzzle that I had had in recent years. The puzzle was why more people (including myself) kept saying “It doesn’t seem like Christmas this year.” My top New Year’s resolution is the secret that has solved this forever.

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How To Learn To Get Up Early

How do you usually start your morning? Lunatic rush, eternal lack of time, work, where we come sleepy, irritated and seedy? Delaying the time for getting up to the critical moment and again being late, we convulsively invent excuses about a stuck lift or traffic jams.

Goals Setting – Seven Tips to Help You Fast Track Success

Goal Setting is best described as a process rather than a destination. This article provides seven general tips to help you with this process, and to help you be the best goal setter that you can be. This will in turn lead you to a happier and healthier you.

Want to Achieve Your Goals? Focus On What Is Important

A vital element to achieving a goal is keeping your attention on what’s important day-to-day, month-to-month and year-to-year. A laser-beam focus on your intended outcome is vital to making goals reality.

New Year Resolutions: Why You Shouldn’t Bother

New year’s resolutions… gotta love them! Every year we swear we are going to lose weight, quit smoking, cut down drinking, get organised, achieve our business goals… we talk about it with conviction, even stubbornness… this is it, next year will be our year, starting on the first of January.

Goals Setting – How to Set Monthly Goals

Goals setting in more of a process rather than a destination. The best way to proceed with goals setting is to start at the high level, for example setting seven year to ten year goals, and then working down through yearly and monthly goals, and then finally the to do list. This article specifically focuses on the monthly goals component.

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Goals And Resolutions For The Year Ahead – Oh Yeah, That Really Work!

Do I dare? Should I even consider making resolutions or goals for the 2011 year?

3 Easy Goal-Setting Steps

Yes, we have once again reached that time of year when each and every self-development guru encourages you to set your goals and checks weekly to see if you have already done so. I want to do something different. I leave the decision to set your goals this year or not, entirely up to you. Although, you surely do understand that all those wise self-development people might have a reason for urging you, right?

It’s a New Year! Now What?

Do you hear it? That’s the sound of millions of people scribbling their New Year’s resolutions on scraps of paper. Want to do it differently and make 2011 one of the best years of your life? Embrace the idea that to change your life, you have to change your attitude about change. To make the life change that started as a resolution become a part of your life, the steps you’ll take will be a journey, not a jaunt.

How To Start Your Financial Life Off Right In 2011

A new year is on its way and like many people, we all want to have a better year in terms of health, happiness and of course financially. The effects of the recession are still here and everyone is feeling the pinch. Unfortunately, many more people will be worse off by the end of this year than they were 12 months ago and one of the reasons why this is the case may be that they didn’t start off the year right.

The True Definition of Purpose

What is your purpose in life? You need to find a purpose. You’d better find something to do with your life or else. Why are you even here? What are you good for? These are some of the common questions and statements you ask yourself or that others ask you regarding what you are planning to do with your life. In many instances though, individuals do not understand the true definition of purpose. To most people this is just an overused term that gets thrown around when trying to tell others what they ought to be doing with their lives.

How I Made $1,000,000 in 2 Years (STEP BY STEP) MY STORY

How I Made $1,000,000 in 2 Years (STEP BY STEP) MY STORY


Is There Any Power Behind Writing Down Your Goals?

You have probably been told throughout your life that you should be writing down your goals. So what is the power behind writing down your goals? Learn goal writing strategies and other topics on personal development by visiting Mark Nelson’s personal website.

How To Give Up Something You Have No Control Of and Why It’s Important

The last thing a person wants to do is to give up a fight. Why? Naturally, we are born fighters and survivor. But there are things in life that isn’t worth a fight. It’s not worth sticking your guts on, or clinging yourself to the point of exhaustion. Some may consider this view as rather odd, but as a person we must choose a fight that is worth every sweat of your glands or blood from your skin.

Are You All That You Can Be?

As we enter into the first week in the New Year 2011, with renewed hope and optimism for what this new year holds for all, and what new years resolutions that many people will be making and hopefully keeping this year, I am often reminded of the US Army marketing slogan: Be All that You Can Be…

Setting Goals and Resolutions in 3 Easy Steps! – A Life-Changing Goal Setting System That Can’t Fail

New Year’s Resolutions don’t work! 95% of people fail to achieve their New Year Resolutions. Why is this and what can we do about it to make sure we’re part of the elite 5% of people that actually do achieve their New Year Resolutions? This article explains why most New Year’s Resolutions fail and what you can do to defy the odds and make your goals a reality!

How To Set Realistic Goals While Attending College

Goal setting is an important aspect for any student to be successful. Goal setting enables you to achieve your tasks in an organized fashion and within the limited time frame. Therefore, it is important that goals are set very carefully. Proper planning is needed for goal setting otherwise one can lost their focus and get side tracked.