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Goals Setting – How to Set Yearly Goals

Goals setting is more of a process than a destination. This article looks at the process of goal setting, and focuses on how to set yearly goals.

Happy New Year 2011 – 4 Steps To Plan Your Goals

Did you know that most people set goals each year and never complete them? They are very easy to set but harder to see them through to the end. So help is on the way.

Happy New Year 2011 – Rules For Setting Yourself Some Goals

For several years now I have challenged myself to improve in my personal life and business world. Knowing it would not be easy but realizing that it would help expand my horizons. A new year has begun and some old goals mixed with news have been set.

The Number 1 New Year’s Resolution – Losing Weight

How do you plan for the New Year, and how do you keep your resolutions once you’ve made them? Read on to find out!

How to Ensure That a New Years Resolution Is Accomplished

At the end of one year and the beginning of another we put ourselves on the stand and play judge and jury. Before long we are casting a decree of what our resolution would be and what we must accomplish for the year. It is the natural course of events so why shouldn’t we be a part of this. The problem is not in making the New Year’s resolution nor is it in the result. The fact is we often know what we want and what changes are necessary in our life and it is easy to see from the results at the end of the year whether this has been accomplished. The problem lies in how the resolution is made.

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