10 Ways to Make MONEY Online in 2023 (HOW TO START NOW)

10 Ways to Make MONEY Online in 2023 (HOW TO START NOW)

10 Ways YOU Can Make MONEY Online in 2024 (HOW TO START NOW)


How To Successfully Manage and Achieve Multiple Goals

While it’s admirable to set multiple goals for yourself, oftentimes, we find ourselves overwhelmed with too many goals. What do you do when you’ve set too many goals for yourself? Here’s a quick and easy way to achieve multiple goals.

Do Your Goals Have Emotion and Inspiration?

When setting goals it is vitally important to have goals that are inspirational and emotional. If you don’t have these aspects in your goals you won’t have the passion needed to do the hard slog that is sometimes required to achieve a goal.

Goal Setting and Strategic Planning Part I

It’s time to raise the level of your thinking by shifting your mind from, “New Year’s Resolutions” to “Life’s Mission and Meaning.” The only one that can stop you from pursuing your goals is YOU! You are the master of your own destiny. You are the captain of your ship.

Goals Setting – How to Set Long Term Goals

Goals setting helps you to achieve succes and happiness in your life. This article looks at the fundamentals of long term goal setting, and how to do it effectively.

Dreaming The Future: What’s Holding You Back?

In Aikido we use an exercise to physically distinguish between three kinds of power — power that is rigid and controlling, power that’s limp and ineffectual, and power that flows. Verbally and emotionally we act out these three forms of power when we attack (“I can’t believe you’re late again!”), manipulate or acquiesce (“I guess I’ll just have to put up with you being the way you are.”), or speak with purpose and positive intent (“In the future, I’d appreciate your calling when you know you’re going to be late.”). Students find this Aikido exercise has applications beyond language, from leadership and parenting styles to how they execute their golf swing.