The *EASIEST* $1,500/WEEK Method To Make Money Online For Beginners in 2023 (No Skills & Experience)

The *EASIEST* $1,500/WEEK Method To Make Money Online For Beginners in 2023 (No Skills & Experience)

Shift or Get Off the Pot: 5 Secrets Towards Becoming More Accountable and Achieving Your Goals

It is time to shift your approach and get moving. Becoming more accountable and accomplishing your goals does not have to be a process filled with guilt. Learn some basic steps you can take to achieve this year’s goals and start living the dream you desire.

Simon Sinek – Start With Why

What is your “why?” What is your reason for being? What’s your passion? Simon Sinek shows how you can discover your purpose in this life. Each person’s journey is unique. Understanding why you do what you do can lead you to greater success and happiness than ever before.

How Guilt Undermines Your January Resolutions

A professor of mine used to remark, “The perfectly scientific life is impossible to lead.” You will sometimes fail to follow guidelines for good health. You will feel too tired to exercise, and you may be right. You can be so tired that you are more likely to have an accident or injure yourself. Or you may be in a situation where there is little healthful food available, and you don’t like what is available. So you indulge in the delicious stuff that is available. And then you feel guilty.

When Goal Setting Sucks

If you’ve ever found that you struggle with motivating yourself, setting goals and visualizing them each day; if you’ve ever found that after setting your goals it just doesn’t feel as good and motivating as you thought it would, or if you’ve ever found yourself sabotaging your own efforts to set new goals then most likely you don’t belong to the new-age goal setter society… Whatever, there is always an other way to go: if you don’t belong to the group of goal achievers you can still be hyper-successful by being an exceptional problem solver.

Meeting of Minds

Whenever two or minds meet another mind is formed but not necessarily a Master Mind, nor for the positive. All too often the meeting of two or more minds results in the formation of a mind focused on negative powers. When multiple minds meet many are unable to unite in harmony and result in volatile and negative powers. Think of a chemistry set, if you mix chemicals that work together in a harmonious way they produce power and positive results; yet mix chemicals that oppose each other and the results can be violent and explosive and many times deadly.

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