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Making A Fresh Start For The New Year

Every year millions, if not billions, of people tell themselves that they are going to change. They tell themselves, “I am going to make a new year resolution. I will do this and that.” After a few weeks, most of them fall back and give up. Is fulfilling new year resolutions that difficult? It is not, everyone can achieve their resolutions for the new year if they know how to.

Performance in 2011

With the time of New Year’s resolutions upon us, I am choosing the alphabet P’s to guide my resolutions for 2011. It is a bit of fun to search the mind to find where we can improve, why we must, and what we can do about it. Try these: Power, Purpose, Passion, Partner, and Plan. Get some actionable ideas and get results for the New Year.

New Year Activity

Any day can be a Symbolic day to start afresh. So why not the New Year when the whole collective consciousness of the Universe works for you. When most human beings think that something nice is going to happen with them, then the collective consciousness is in rising upward direction. So all one has to do is ride this.

Dream It – ‘Impossible’ Is Just a Word

Short and long-term goal setting is vital for any business owner. If you do not set goals, you would have no definite purpose on which path of self improvement to take.

How to Write Goals – Start!

Navigate your way through the next year with setting your goals. Use a journal to help you write your goals!

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