Two INSANE Websites Your Boss Doesn’t Want YOU to know!

Two INSANE Websites Your Boss Doesn't Want YOU to know!

7 Reasons to Set New Goals

One thing I absolutely love about a new year, or a new day for that matter, is that it gives us a fresh start to set new goals and implement new plans to pursue and achieve. I have recently set some new goals that have been keeping me very busy, motivated, and excited. One of my many goals began about three weeks ago.

Goals Setting – The Benefits of Writing a Journal

The idea of writing a journal may seem childish and a waste a time. However, the benefits obtained, especially for goals setting, are anything but a waste of time. A large percentage of the worlds greatest achievers and successful people have all kept journals or written about themselves and their lives on a daily basis. One example is Mozart. This article provides the benefits of keeping a journal.

A Goal Setting Template That Gets You The Results You Want Every Time

Creating a goal setting template for your master plan is the best way to stay on track until you achieve your goal. A common mistake is to take time out to decide what your goal is going to be, create a vision board with everything you are going to see and do on when you get to goal and then forget to take time out to plan each goal stage by stage. It is human nature to get distracted quite easily, if you think about the time span of a child with a new toy you will get the…

Tips for Achieving Your 2011 Goals

Any time of year is a good time to make healthy lifestyle changes, but the beginning of a new year is a time when most of us are filled with hope and enthusiasm to make the coming year even better than the previous one. Each January is a great time to set new intentions because it offers an easy-to-identify, traditional time to re-think and re-energize our goals.

12 Step Program: Follow These Steps To Accomplish Your Goals

As a manager of people, do you know how to lead your team through the goal setting process? We’ve got to come up with, define, and try to accomplish goals that are months away from fruition…that’s no easy task. Here are twelve steps to guide your team through the goal setting process.